How to Sell an Accident Condition Car in Perth

Posted on May 29th, 2018

Your car may have been severely damaged in an auto collision, or perhaps, it has been left with some minor repairs, but you feel now is the time to upgrade the car. The trade-in value of the car is less than desirable. While the insurance has paid for the cost of repairs for the car, you’d prefer to get rid of it without having it repaired. There is a way to do just that. Get cash for your car in the condition that it is in, and fair cash at that. Premier Car Removal Perth offers the way to sell your accident condition car for cash. We are a top-rated car removal company in Perth that pays cash for cars.

Whether your car is an old Toyota that no longer is roadworthy or an Audi that is so outdated that it has no value let alone market demand, you have a buyer for your car – Premier Car Removal. We have a competent and experienced team that can maximise the value of a car as we are car resellers, wreckers, and recyclers. If your car is so badly damaged that it has more value by pulling a few parts from under its hood and then recycling the scrap metals of the car, we will do that. If your car has a greater value being repaired and then resold, we will do just that. With us, you get the Best Cash For Cars regardless of the make and condition of your car because we know how to get the most cash from the car.

  1. We are car buyers that have a buying system that is quick, but complete. You don’t have to worry about paying for towing to have us remove your car; we do it for free. You also don’t have the concerns of having to schedule time out of your day to have your car appraised. We appraise cars over the phone or online.
  2. Accept or reject our cash quote.
  3. Schedule a free car removal Perth. And count the cash in your hand.

With us, you have a legitimate buyer that guarantees to buy your car for cash. Get a quote by calling Premier Car Removal at the number below or visit our homepage and complete our online form. Both ways to obtain quotes are fast and hassle-free.

Call us for a top dollar quote at 0406 996 661.

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