Can You Sell A Car That Needs Repairs?

Posted on May 2nd, 2019

Yes, you can sell any car in Perth – whether it needs repairs or not. Increasingly, we are finding out that the best people you can sell your car for cash are Cash for Car dealers.  Cash for car dealerships is gaining popularity in Perth because they pay a good price for old or unwanted vehicle – no matter what their condition is.

Their service standards are also exemplary. Cash for Car Dealers in Perth will pick up your car from you.  If it’s not working, they’ll tow it away, for you, for free.

Can You Sell A Car That Need Repairs

Selling A Car Is Easy With Scrap Car Removal Companies

After a car is past its ‘use-by-date’, there is no point in hanging on to it. Its value doesn’t go up, and all it collects in your garage is dust. To get someone to Tow your Caraway, you’ve got to pay them an average of $95. That, for a car, that may no longer run.

Car Removalists will Tow your Car for you for FREE. They can afford to because of what they do with your car. Strip it of its working parts which they resell for a small profit before disposing of it in a way that is eco-friendly.


Cash For Car Dealers Will Also Give You Instant Cash For Your Car

Not a lot of Car Yards or Used Car dealerships will give you an offer as good as this.


  • The Cash for Car business works on the principle of a speedy turnaround. Cash for car dealerships will give you a FREE Quote within minutes of you requesting one – over the phone itself


  • The average turnaround for the sale of an old car is one day – sometimes the sale is completed as quickly as 2 hours from the provision of quote to picking up and delivery of the vehicle


  • Dealers will generally also throw in a number of additional benefits such as ‘Assistance with Paperwork” to aid your Vehicle’s Transfer of Ownership


Sell Your Car To A Scrap Dealer You Can Trust

Premier Car Removals is a Cash for Cars dealer that guarantees to give you service along with a fair price for your vehicle. If you have a car you no longer have a use for, you may want to contact us to get a FREE Quote for your car over the phone itself. Whether your car is in working condition or not is not important to us. We would like to buy it anyway, as it is the working auto spare parts we are after.


Get A FREE Quote For Your Car Today


Get Instant Cash as well for it. To obtain your Quote, simply call us on [Phone]. An operator is standing by to take your call – now. We are open 7 days a week, from 8 am to 7 pm.


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