Car Is Leaking Oil So What’s Next? Read Here Below

Posted on August 9th, 2022

Car engine oil cannot be stressed enough how important it is. Your engine’s moving parts are lubricated, preventing wear and tear from friction and heat. As a result, your engine would be severely damaged without oil. Because oil is such a crucial part of your engine’s operation, it is advised to keep an eye on any signs of an oil leak. But sometimes, these might not be clear, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So in response, we are here.

Engine Oil Leak Perth

Engine Oil Leak Perth

Here Are Five Potential Indications That Your Car’s Engine Oil May Leak



It may be the first thing that springs to mind when considering an oil leak. A dark puddle of fluid seeping frequently indicates an oil leak from beneath your car’s engine. Sadly, it becomes a little more challenging to pinpoint the particular source of the oil leak. For example, a simple oil drain plug with a faulty gasket or one that hasn’t been adequately fitted could be the cause.



Oil may not even seep onto the ground if it is leaking from somewhere in the engine. Instead, it might spill onto an additional engine component. The oil may burn as the engine heats up. It will emit a pungent, piercing smell of burning while it does so. When your engine reaches operating temperature, if the smell of burning oil overwhelms you, pull over as quickly as feasible to do so and check your oil levels. A burning scent should always be reported, even if everything appears in order.



How often do you check the oil level in your engine? It is wise to check it frequently. It’s a quick and straightforward task, yet if you catch a problem early, it can save you a lot of money. Locate the oil dipstick and take it out to check the oil level. It is typically a yellow loop with an oil emblem in the shape of a genie lamp. For an accurate reading, clean the dipstick with a rag after removing it and then replace it. Once more, drag it to check how high the oil reaches on the dipstick. Your engine doesn’t have enough oil if it’s below the minimum fill line, and there might be a leak someplace.



Look at the oil’s colour and consistency when you are inspecting it. It should be greasy, dark brown or black, and somewhat transparent. If the shade is paler, more opaque, and the texture is milky, foamy, or frothy, it could signify a burst head gasket. When this occurs, coolant and oil flow into one another. For example, a blown head gasket might completely wreck the engine if it isn’t fixed immediately.



Your dashboard has various lights that light up when there is a problem. The oil pressure light resembles a genie’s lamp or an antique oil can. If this warning light illuminates, it indicates that your engine’s oil pressure is inadequate. While there are other possible causes for this, such as a broken oil pump, it is also possible that there is not enough oil in the system to sustain the required pressure. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t ignore the light. Instead, stop when it’s safe and turn the engine off. Topping off the oil might buy you some extra time to get where you’re going, but before the engine is harmed, you should have professionals investigate why the oil pressure decreased. Whatever you do, avoid using your car while the oil light is on.


If I Have An Oil Leak, Can I Drive?

You can if you have an exhaust leak. Just make sure to drive to a shop right away so they can fix it. Inhaling exhaust vapours can be pretty dangerous.


The situation may differ depending on whether we’re talking about oil or transmission fluid. For example, you can drive a short distance as long as all fluids are topped off to the proper level and the leak’s pace does not rise when the engine is running, and the car is moving. This brief trip ought to go to a garage where it can be fixed.


Get your automobile to a repair if you notice any blue, black, or white smoke coming from the exhaust. Most likely, there is a significant internal engine oil leak.


What if my car’s repair cost extends the original value of engine repair? What to do now?

There is a specific limit to everything. No matter if it is your favorite car! Suppose you notice the engine fixing cost goes beyond its original boundary. In that case, it’s a good decision to sell your car for cash to an automotive removal company. Premier Car Removal Perth is your best option if you want to sell a used car of any kind and condition. We are Perth’s top used and scrap car buyers, so you won’t have to wait around for one. We are authorised used auto traders and wreckers who recycle and resell all makes, models, ages, and conditions of vehicles. Even if you need a last-minute automobile removal service, we can provide a rapid price and pick up the car the same day, anywhere in Perth. Call us on the phone below if you want a quick cash sale.

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