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Posted on April 15th, 2016

Scrap, accident, and damaged most vehicle owners know the chore of having their vehicle wrecked. The tyres of the vehicle need to be flattened and fluids, liquids, and fuel must be drained. Energy and effort, as well as knowledge, are necessary. Once done, you’d have to tow the auto, or have the auto towed to the wrecker. The process is time-consuming and sometimes expensive, and something that most vehicle owners would rather avoid. It is also a chore that vehicle owners no longer have to deal with as car removal companies have replaced the chore with free car removals.

When you have a scrap vehicle that you’d like to get rid of, why not get rid of it hassle free, and for cash. That is the concept of a car removal company (also called cash for cars companies).

Car Removal Companies in Perth

Car¬†removal companies in Perth work on the basic concept of buying autos for cash and offering a free car removal. The popularity of the service is due to the convenience of receiving a fair cash deal for your vehicle with no hassles. They are also eco-friendly services that don’t pollute the environment with hazardous disposals as they wreck and recycle vehicles.

Do Car Removal Companies “Really” Pay Cash?

Car removal companies really pay cash! These types of scrap auto buyers have built their businesses on quick sales that are convenient for vehicle owners. Seldom will you find one that does not offer a cash payment when purchasing a vehicle?

Car Wreckers Perth & Dismantlers

How Much Cash Will I Get?

The amount of cash you receive for your vehicle will depend on its recycled value. If you have an old vehicle that the body is in good shape, is heavy in weight or has an engine that includes many parts constructed with precious metals, your vehicle will be worth more than an old sedan with severe body damage and no engine. You’ll find that when obtaining quotes, legitimate Car Removal companies offer fair prices, and pay anywhere from a hundred to two hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

My Car Doesn’t Run. How Will I Tow It?

When you contact a Cash for Cars company for a quote, and you accept the quote, the company should provide a free car removal. The key is to be sure to contact a local removal company.

How Long Will It Take?

Selling your vehicle to a cash for cars company does not take long.

  1. Contact the company with the details of your vehicle to obtain a cash quote. During business hours, most of these businesses will offer a cash quote within about 10 minutes.
  2. Schedule a free car removal. The car removal itself typically takes under an hour. This time is used for the technician to inspect the vehicle to ensure it is the vehicle they made the offer on, and to exchange the paperwork, documentation, and cash.

When Will The Cash for Cars Company Come?

That depends on the hours the business offers removals and your schedule. Many of the service providers offer after the hour and 24-hour car removals, allowing vehicle owners the ability to choose a convenient time for their removal.

What Do I Need to Do to Sell My Car to a Removal Company?

To sell your unwanted auto to a removal company, you will need to contact a local provider for a cash quote on the vehicle and accept that offer. Once you have accepted the offer, a car removal will be scheduled. While you are waiting for the technician to arrive, gather your photo ID, The title of ownership to the vehicle or its scrap certificate, and remove the plates to the vehicle.

What about A Sales Contract?

The company will provide a sales contract and a copy of the signed sales contract to you once both signatures are signed, and the cash has been exchanged for the auto. If the company fails to provide a sales contract, do not sell your vehicle.

What Will They Do With My Auto?

If your vehicle is one that is of scrap, accident or damaged condition the company will wreck and recycle your vehicle. This is both a way to dispose of a vehicle in an eco-friendly manner and pay Cash for Scrap Cars as the recycle value is the vehicle’s worth.

Cash for cars is the convenient, cash way to sell your unwanted vehicle in Perth! Simply perform a search on the net to find your local providers.

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