How To Calculate The Salvage Of A Car?

Posted on September 9th, 2019

Getting into a car collision can be very frustrating. You are left feeling like you lost everything. You are not sure if you can get anything from your beloved car and it is easy to feel like you lost it. The first thing that hits your mind is filing a claim so that you can get compensation to either repair or replace the car. However, it is not always a walk in the park.

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating especially if the car is deemed a total loss. You could end up getting a meagre amount, and at times you could end up being the one to pay them. That does not have to be the case. You can start by determining the car’s salvage value to know exactly which way to go. Here’s a quick guide from Premier Car Removal, a Cash for Cars Perth Company, on how to determine the salvage value of your car.


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How To Calculate The Salave Value Of Your Car

Calculating The Salvage Value Of Your Vehicle

Determining the value of a salvaged car is not an easy task, and there is no clear-cut method to the process. However, some basic techniques can be used to determine the approximate value. In most cases, a car with a salvaged value is worth approximately half of its original price. In the case of an insurance company, the vehicle may be valued relatively lower. If you are looking to get a good deal, it’s good to consult with a repair company that has established an excellent reputation for a fair assessment. Some tips to help determine the salvage value of the car include;

Identify the year, make and the car model

Some variables affect the cost of a car like the year of manufacture, make, and model are the most important to consider. The value varies from one year to the other. The older the vehicle model, the less the salvage value. The salvage title provides all the necessary information about a particular car.

By identifying the trim of the car

There is a variety of trim packages, and they are used to determine the interior accommodations, engine size, appearance, and suspension components of the vehicle. In most cases, the trim can be indicated on the salvage title and is very crucial in determining the value. It could also be included in the name of the car.

Search online

Nowadays many websites help estimate the market value of your car if it did not have a salvage title. If you need to know what your car would be worth, it’s good to check out the websites with a good reputation. Car removals are also available online, and there are some excellent deals.

Contact an automotive repair facility

For one to obtain any salvage title, it means that the car has been repaired by a certified repair facility then ensured that it is fit for road conditions. If you are looking to determine the Cash for Cars value, you can ask for help from a facility that you trust won’t try to weigh its value down, instead of providing you with a fair valuation of the vehicle. For instance, Premier Car Removal offers instant free Cash for Car Quotes, making it easy and convenient for car owners to find out the value of their old, scrap or junk vehicle.

Ask the help of an insurance company

As a car owner, you probably are insured with a particular company. To get a salvage value, you can consult with your insurance company and get an estimate for your vehicle. However, it’s advisable that you consider all the available options before committing to a specific value. The company may not have your best interests at heart and give you an amount that is way below the appropriate market value.

The salvage value of a car varies from one place to another. It is essential that you have all the necessary information before committing to any deal. Ensure that you get the very best out of your car by contacting reputable Cash for Cars Perth dealers and let them take the stress off your shoulder. If all the offers available do not meet your needs, you don’t have to sell. Take your time to choose an option that works best for you. Also, before consulting with any facility do research and ask around. The reputation of a company is very crucial to avoid getting swindled.

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