How Much Does A Car Removal Cost In Perth?

Posted on December 12th, 2017

It’s a fair question, and we as a business hear this all the time when our clients selling their car. Most of us think we have to pay towing fees or cost to dispose or sell the car to a car removal company. Well, the answer is no, and if anyone has asked you to pay a fee then, you might better of talking to a company who does not charge for towing old car but instead pay you Top Cash for Your Car.

The cost of car removal depends on various factors, we have outlined some important factors that will impact.  Below we have highlighted in detail about car removal cost.

  • Car removal or towing is based on the condition of the car and the location in Perth WA. Near the location and better the condition you will receive more cash and no removal cost
  • You can avoid cost by booking the car removal service which suites the car removal & cash for cars company or by dropping the car the car yard.
  • The average cost for car removal is FREE when you sell the unwanted or old car to the car removal company who agrees to pick up. If not with the same company then it can cost anything between $80 to $150 depending on the location.
  • The average cash you can get for cars is about $5999, for Ute’s 6999, trucks $9999 and 4wds up to $7999.

Cash For Cars

How Much Does A Car Removal Work In Perth WA?

Knowing how much dollar you can get for your car, it is important that how the car removal system works. One of the biggest misbeliefs about the cash for cars company is that whoever is offering the top rate is the best Car Removal company. Usually, there are many cash for cars company who give a price over the phone and a different price when they come to collect. BEWARE!!

How To Obtain The Right Quote?

Follow the simple process

  • Call or enquire online for the price
  • Make sure to give as much as information as possible (condition, millage any damages and VIN number)
  • Don agree to the price, negotiate and shop around for a better price, but remember they don’t offer you different rate when they come to pick up.
  • Let them know if you can drop the car to their yard, if not ask them if the pick up is free.
  • Make sue they help you to complete all the paperwork

Cancel all the insurance and remember to collect the number plate when they collect the car.

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