How To Deal With Abandoned Cars On My Property In Perth WA

Posted on May 13th, 2022

It may be fine at first to see an empty car staying on your property in Perth for a couple of hours. However, if the vehicle remains parked for an extended period with no one returning to claim it, it becomes a problem.

Some laws apply to abandoned cars or vehicles, depending on the state where you reside. Having abandoned cars on your property might be inconvenient. So let us figure out how to cope with the “abandoned cars on my property” issue.

How To deal with Abandoned Cars Perth

How To deal with Abandoned Cars Perth

Selling Your Abandoned Vehicle To Car Removal Company

If you see motor vehicles parked on privately-owned property for an extended period, they might be abandoned. Car abandonment usually occurs when a powered vehicle parks in your vicinity for no more than 48 hours.

When planning to sell your vehicle to car removal and cash for cars company also requires a document called “Uncollected Goods Certificate” which can be obtained through the local council, this needs to be submitted upon request.

On the other hand, the abandoned vehicle may remain in any private area in Perth if the landowner agrees. The restrictions are usually the same in terms of public places. There are, however, some exceptions.

Things To Look For To Consider An Abandoned Vehicle

Whenever you use the terms “abandoned vehicles” or “abandoned cars”, it usually refers to a variety of nuisance vehicles. Examples include dilapidated autos with dangerous license plates and cars in private areas.

There is a high possibility of temporary car abandonment if they break down on main roads. The driver’s goal in abandoning the vehicle is to arrange for its repair. The so-called nuisance vehicle is far different from a junk car, where abandonment is permanent. On the other hand, junk cars stay on private lands because they are non-operational automobiles.

The owner’s motive for retaining a defunct car is to find spare components for it. Alternatively, the owner may plan to fix the vehicle later, so they leave it in the meantime. It is the police’s job to deal with abandoned automobiles in this case.


However, leaving abandoned vehicles or abandoned cars in public spaces may cause a headache for the authorities. Meanwhile, when people park their cars on private property for an extended period without permission, it is a problem for the landowner.

Factors For Car Abandonment

The familiar places to observe abandoned vehicles or abandoned cars are on your property, on neighborhood streets, or on the roadside. It happens for a variety of reasons, and most countries prohibit it. But first, let’s take a look at why people decided to leave their cars as are on your property.

What Is Old Is Potentially Expensive

The cost of owning an old car may be prohibitive for some car owners. Besides, the time and money spent trying to fix it would be ineffective. As a result, the owner determines that making things work will ultimately cost them more money. So, they have decided to leave it somewhere.

Sky-rocket Towing Cost

Car abandonment is a cost-effective way to get rid of a car, mainly if it is old. They continue to do it even though it is unlawful because of its less expensive rate. Then, knowing that someone or the authorities will take care of the matter, the owners can go.

Ways of Dealing with Abandoned Cars on My Property

When you come across an abandoned vehicle or an abandoned car on your land, you should take the following steps.

Notify the Council About the Abandoned Vehicle

You can report the abandoned car to the City Council if you want to. The council’s rangers can investigate abandoned vehicles. The Impounding Act of 1993 (the Act) is the governing law covering the investigation of abandoned vehicles.

Look for Details Regarding Car Abandonment

The City Council is responsible for investigating the abandonment of several automobiles located in public spaces. However, because the abandoned car is in your private ownership, you must be the one to conduct the investigation.

Ask for a Towing Service

If it is evident that an abandoned car is on your private property, you can have it hauled away. Calling a towing service in Perth is an excellent choice, mainly if the vehicle stays in your vicinity for the time specified by the authorities. Some Perth car removalists offer the service for free. That is with the existence of the claim of vehicle ownership.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal for me to use a wheel clamp on private property?

Private landowners cannot lawfully clamp or remove a vehicle without authority. However, you have more power over how you manage parking on your private land.

What does it mean to park on a private road?

Except for the road’s owner, no one has the right to park a car for long hours on a private road. Trespassing occurs when someone parks on a private road without permission or legal authority.

where can I get the uncollected good certificate form?

Visit Magistrate Court WA  and download the form

Is it possible for the cops to seize your vehicle?

The police have been given the authority to confiscate unlawfully positioned or abandoned cars. So, for example, if you park your automobile in an area where it may cause an obstacle or any trouble, the police will take it away and store it in their facility.

If you believe ITEMS in your possession may have been stolen, contact your local police station. You can find their address and phone number on the Western Australia Police website

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