Don’t Have the Time to Sell Your Car?

Posted on May 8th, 2014

There is no question about it, selling a car is a hassle.  There’s the hassle of making all the minor repairs, and then cleaning, shining and buffing.  As though that’s not enough, you then have the cost of advertising the vehicle and scheduling appointments with half; and, half the time, a majority of the people are there only to try to work you down in price.  It is a tedious chore and one that most vehicle owners don’t look forward to hassling with.   Already discouraged?  This is the reason for the popularity of car removals in Perth like Premier Car Removals Perth who not only come to remove unwanted vehicles for free, they put top dollar in the vehicle owner’s pocket for its removal.

Premier Car Removals Perth pays up to $4999 for unwanted vehicles. There’s no having to make minor (or major) repairs, there’s no need to clean and polish your vehicle, and there’s no need to advertise and you don’t have to deal with the legal paperwork.  No loading the vehicle, no hauling it away, no haggling.  It is a simple process that is fast and easy, and everything is done and provided for you; and, it isn’t rare to get more than what you expected for the vehicle.

When you don’t have the time, or the money, to invest in prepping your unwanted vehicle for sale, Car Removal in Perth is an option.  The companies don’t go into detail.  When you call Car Removals Perth all that is required is for you, the vehicle owner, to provide a few simple details in regards to your vehicle.  You’ll be asked the make and model, as well as the age and condition of the vehicle.  Premier Car Removals Perth accepts all makes and models in any condition of any age.  Whether your vehicle is a shiny new vehicle or a scrap vehicle that isn’t worth a dime anywhere else, Premier Car Removals will offer you up to $4999.

Scrap Cars Perth

If your vehicle is worthless, you are likely wondering how you could get top dollar for the vehicle.  It is a system that most vehicle owners aren’t able to perform on their own, but one that brings in top dollar for the vehicle.  To start, the vehicles are taken to a wrecking yard where an expert auto dismantler dismantles the vehicle to remove all the parts and components.  The vehicle is then crushed to form scrap metal.  All parts, components, and scrap metal are then reused, resold, and recycled to bring the highest profit.  It is a system that brings top dollar and one that is no hassle.

At Premier Car Removals Perth, you simply obtain a quote via our website or by giving us a call directly.  Within a few minutes, we will provide you with a top-dollar quote on your Unwanted Car Removal in Perth.

So, when all things are considered, is there a reason why not to get rid of your vehicle by having it removed by a car removal company in Perth?  The system is especially attractive to vehicle owners who have worthless old clunkers that might otherwise cost them to have them removed.  The process is also one that is eco-friendly as it leaves the least environmental footprint on Mother Earth.

Whether you have an Old Scrap Car, a shiny new car, or an unwanted used car, Premier Car Removals Perth will put top dollar in your pocket to come to you and have your vehicle removed.  Give us a call today at 0406 996 661.

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