Notice Of Car Disposal & Vehicle Licence Cancellation In Perth WA

Posted on April 5th, 2017

Don’t Take The Risk For Some Once’s Bad Driving – Let Department Of Transport know When You Sell Your Car
If you’ve recently sold your car, chances are you’re either free from the old car or enjoying new ride, or still searching for the perfect car. Either way, your pre-loved car is gone and it is history. But the question is have you lodged a vehicle license cancellation with the Department of Transport WA. You need to advise the department that the car is no longer with you.

Car Disposal Notice Perth

Why Is It Important To Advice Department Of Transport?

Let’s say some else speeding and or parking illegally and the fine coming to you?

That’s what more likely to happen if you don’t lodge a notice or inform the department of transport about the sold car. until it is not advised the car is officially registered under your name.

So, to avoid this hassle you need to complete and submit a Noice of car license cancellation when you Sell Your Car.

If you don’t, you will eligible for the fine. You would also normally have an opportunity to advise enforcement agencies that you are no longer responsible for the car, usually in the form of a statutory declaration.

Why Are Vehicle License Cancelled?

The license can be cancelled due to a number of reasons:

  •  Dishonoured payments
  • Voluntary cancellation of vehicle license
  • Vehicle added to written-off vehicle register
  • Failure to fit an immobiliser

Where To Return Your Car Number Plates & Cancel My License?

When you sell your car, its a must you return your number plates to Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or Regional Agent. If you are not sure check with us and we do all the paperwork for FREE. If you wish to post

  • Driver and Vehicle Services,
    Returned number plates,
    GPO Box R1290,
    Perth WA 6844

What Information do I need For The Completion?

Vehicle details
Registration plate number
Year built
VIN/Chassis number
Engine number.

Sellers details
Name/Organisation of seller
Date of disposal
Licence/Customer number.
New operators details
Name/Organisation of buyer
Date of birth
Licence/Customer number.

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