Old Car Pickups Perth 

Posted on April 14th, 2016

Many vehicle owners have a tendency to let their old cars sit and decay, feeling as though they no longer have value.  If you happen to be in this situation, get your enthusiasm up!  That old car collecting dust and rust in your yard does have value provided you sell it to the right buyer.  So, just how do you find this buyer?  You follow the new trend of selling your old, scrap, junk or accident vehicle, and that trend is to a Cash for Scrap Cars company.  With the strong focus on environmental concerns, these companies have become greater than ever and provide a service that offers the most convenient way to get rid of your old car.

How Scrap Car Removal Companies Work

Scrap car removal companies are just as the name implies.  These are businesses that are professional used & scrap auto buyers & wreckers and collect vehicles to wreck and recycle. Most of these companies operate on a cash for cars system that doesn’t require that the seller wait around for payment on their vehicle.  The concept is based on offering vehicle owners the most convenient means to sell a scrap auto.

The majority of the companies offer cash quotes over the phone and online.  Some require that the vehicle owner schedules a car inspection prior to quoting a price.  One obviously is more convenient than the other as with instant quotes you know whether the quote is one you want to accept.

Services Offered by Car Removal Companies

While services will vary, most are the same with a few exceptions here and there.  Services to look for in a cash for cars company include:

Free car removals – when shopping for a car removal company to sell your vehicle to, shop for local companies.  The reason for this is that local companies are more likely to offer free car removals. You’ll understand how important this is when you contact a towing company to enquire about their towing fees!

Cash for cars – companies that offer instant cash payments offer the peace of mind that you will receive the cash quote on your vehicle that you were offered.  Look for a company that pays on the spot, and not one that offers to pay you after they have collected your vehicle.

Provides the paperwork – never get sidetracked that you have a cash buyer for your vehicle, and the deal is final.  The deal is not final unless you have signed a sales contract and have signed over the title of ownership or scrap certificate to the vehicle.  This ensures that the deal is legally binding and that the liability and responsibility of the vehicle are transferred to the new owner.  Look for a company that provides the paperwork.

The Reputation of the Company

Reputation in a company is essential as it is a reflection of the services they provide to their customers. Research companies that you are interested in selling your used vehicle to via the net.  Here, you can perform a search via the company’s name.  You can then read reviews and feedback from past customers that have taken the time to leave comments on their experience with the company.  This will offer a better insight into the company, and the professional manner they handle their customers as well as the level of quality of their services.

How to Find a Car Removal Company Perth

To find a car removal company in Perth access the Internet.  Look for companies that are professionally used and scrap car buyers & wreckers.  Different ways to determine if the company is a legit company include:

  •    Licenced and insured
  •    Physical address listed on their web page
  •    Telephone number

Shop and compare the different companies.  Look for their conveniences in services like 24-hour car removals so that you don’t have to work around the business’ schedule, but can fit the collection into your own.  Also, compare quotes.  If you find one that is much higher or lower than others, then question the quote.  Scrap car removal companies will determine the price of the vehicle based on different factors like the weight and metals in the vehicle’s construction.

Why Sell Your Vehicle to A Cash for Cars Company

When you sell your vehicle to a cash for cars company, you have a convenient sale.  Most scrap vehicle owners don’t have the means to tow their vehicle to a wrecking yard.  With one call to a Car Removal Perth company, they will schedule a free car removal.  You also have an instant cash sale.

How Will My Car be Disposed Of?

Your vehicle will not be disposed, but recycled!  Auto wreckers in  Perth pick up and buy vehicles to wreck and recycle, offering an eco-friendly car disposal.


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