Selling The Car To The Wrecker Perth What Documents You Need?

Posted on March 9th, 2020

Choosing a reliable Auto Wrecker like Premier Car Removal Perth is by far the simplest and fastest way to Sell Your Car for Cash. With benefits such as same-day Free Car Removals and on-the-spot Cash for Cars payments, it’s no wonder why many people recommend a reputable Auto Wrecker for those like to sell their car. But what documents do you need to bring to your Cash for Cars appointment?

What Do You Need To Bring When You Sell Your Car To An Auto Wrecker?

Forget about preparing a stack of paperwork when you choose wreckers like Premier Car Removal Perth because all you need to bring is photo ID and documents that show proof of ownership. The rest of the paperwork will be provided free of charge.

selling the car to the wrecker


What to Do Before Selling Your Car to a Car Wrecker

The ‘Cash for Cars’ way of selling your car is renowned for its hassle-free process. With that said, there are still some important things you’ll have to do to make sure you get the best out of your deal. One is to do one last search of your vehicle for valuables. After your car is towed, it will be wrecked and dismantled for its auto parts and metals, so whatever you leave behind can be considered gone. Your vehicle’s plates will also need to be removed, but Car Recyclers like Premier Car Removal will be happy to help with this.

How to Sell your Car for Cash with a Perth Car Removal Service

First, call them up or contact them online and you’ll receive a Quick Quote based on the description of your car that you give them. Then, you can book your appointment with the Cash for Cars service. Next, their team will arrive to go through the paperwork, pay you on the spot, and then finally tow your vehicle. Simple as that!

Premier Car Removal Perth: Your No-Hassle Cash for Cars Solution

When Premier Car Removal Perth first started, we could see that Perth lacked a fast and no-nonsense way to sell their car for a fair price. We have since grown to become the number 1 Auto Wreckers service in Perth, thanks in no small part to our dedicated Car Removal Experts who work hard for your satisfaction each day.

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