What To Do with A Flooded Damaged Car? Steps To Take

Posted on October 16th, 2018

Water plays havoc on a vehicle. You may have prepared the vehicle for the heavy rains, and still, damage occurred. Or your car might have been damaged due to an unexpected rainstorm that you didn’t prepare for. If your vehicle has suffered water damage, Premier Car Removal Perth offers the following information on what to do with a flood-damaged car.

What to do with Flood-Damaged Cars

Step One

Making a list of the Water Damage of the Vehicle is the first step in assessing the damage to your vehicle. If the vehicle was submerged in water for a lengthy period, the engine may have suffered severe damage and could cause a fire. Never try to start the vehicle. If water entered into the electronics or wiring components of the vehicle, turning the ignition could prompt a spark, starting a car fire. Get the camera out and take photos of the vehicle to send on to your insurance provider.

Step Two

Stop further water damage. Seal off all outside elements. Seal the windows, doors, and sunroof. If the windows of the vehicle were broken, cover and seal the windows. It is essential that no further water damage occurs to the vehicle.

Step Three

Contact your insurance provider to report any damage to the vehicle asap. Your vehicle should be covered for flood damage if you have a comprehensive coverage policy. If your policy is liability or collision coverage, you will be responsible for the repairs. Contact your insurance provider to determine if your vehicle is covered for flood damage.

Step Four

The next step in the process will depend on the degree of damage to the vehicle. You may be disappointed in the value your insurance provider offers for the repair costs of the flooded car. Even if the car is repairable, you may want to consider selling it as water damaged cars have problems like damage to the catalytic converter and mold that may not immediately show up. Flood-Damaged Vehicles can be sold to repair or recycle.

Cars that suffer flood damage often give their owners trouble until they are disposed of. If your vehicle has suffered water damage, Premier Car Removal Perth is your option to get it sold for cash. We pay top Cash for Cars of any make and condition. Contact us for a quote today.

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