What To Do With A Totaled Car?

Posted on September 5th, 2014


Sadly enough, accidents happen; and when they do the most important thing you should think of is the health and physical integrity of those who have been involved in the accident. If the car has been totaled though, you will also want to think about what to do with it. Repairing it will most likely be much too expensive to be worth it (especially if it is an older car) and simply keeping the totaled car is hardly an option either.

What you can do is call for a car cash removal company. This type of company will help you in Car Removal (for free!) and offer you a fair price for the remainder of your vehicle. This means that you can get rid yourself of the junk and receive some money, without having to suffer through the headache that is privately selling a severely damaged vehicle.

Junk Car Removal Perth

Here are the steps to take if you want to have your totaled car removed for free:

  1. Visit the website of the car removal company of your choice and fill in the contact form provided for those interested in selling their old car.
  2. Once you are contacted by one of the company’s representatives, you can schedule an appointment for the timely pickup of your vehicle.
  3. A team will come to the address you provide to pick up the totaled car.
  4. Before the date make sure that the following steps were taken:
  • Make sure that your license plates are properly removed from the car
  • Make sure that the team will have plenty of space to tow the car, as a blocked drive way and other junk may jeopardize the entire operation or at least cost valuable time
  • Make sure to have your ID and proof of ownership with you or otherwise the deal will fall through on the day of the pickup. The chance of encountering stolen vehicles is simply too high for car removal companies.
  • Ask the removal company representatives about additional information regarding the next step. In some areas, proof of destruction may need to be sent to the corresponding authorities to rule out foul play.
  1. Once the car has been taken away, the company staff removes all of the remaining valuable parts from the car, as well as all chemicals and fuels that cannot leak from the vehicle during the destruction process. The removed parts are usually used for recycling purposes, but there may be other ways for the Car Removal Company to turn the parts into cash. To find out more, you can always ask the company representatives before they take the car away or even as early as during the first phone conversation.
  2. The frame of the car will be wrecked, and the metal recycled.
  3. You will either receive the money for your car on the spot or the company will agree to transfer it to you at a given date. Either way, keep in mind to ask about the amount, the date, and certainly the method by which the money is handed to you. Oftentimes, a wire transfer is used for the Payment of Your Car.

The entire process of having your car removed professionally and most importantly free of cost with the chance for an additional payment is extremely easy. As the company of your choice will likely have vast experience in the field, hiccups are highly uncommon. Simply follow the lead of the professionals and feel free to ask as many questions as you wish if something is unclear.

Do not hesitate and visit the Premier Car Removal Perth Company website as soon as possible and ask for a free quote for your car!

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