What Will Happen To My Scrap Car After I Sell It?

Posted on June 15th, 2021

So, you have decided to Sell Your Scrap Car to a Car Removal Company, and have you ever wondered what happens after that. Recently, We had a client from Perth selling her beloved car where she owned for nearly 10 years for scrap. After 3 days of buying the car, we had a call from the customer asking how is the car doing? Although it’s not a surprise where some of our clients get very close to their car and they miss the vehicle when they sell it.

We have outlined some points below what’s the afterlife of a vehicle after you sell it to a SCRAP CAR REMOVAL COMPANY

  • Your car is recycled: According to the statistics on average more than 85% of the vehicle are recycled and the metal is reused for other purposes. Recycling is the most common process followed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and pollution.
  • Car parts are reused: When the car is stripped the parts are reused for other cars. For example, at Premier Car Removal the car engines are exported and the parts are sold to the local market. The gas or fuel is reused as well as the tire and the rims.
  • Scrap Metal Export: Once the unwanted or scrap car is sold, the body and the unwanted parts are crushed and exported or supplied to the local metal industries to recycle. The most common industries which use these metals are construction, automotive, technology, food processing industry, etc.
Car Recycling Perth

Car Recycling Perth

Sell Your Scrap Car To A responsible Scrapper In Perth WA

Selling your scrap or unwanted vehicle to a responsible scrapper will help you to keep the environment clean and help reduce greenhouse gases. Keeping the country green and clean will help the environment. Let’s help our state Western Australia

Are you looking to sell your scrap car in Perth WA? Contact Premier Car Removal Perth Your Local Scrap Car Buyer on (08) 6252 8500 or contact us online



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