What Will Happen To My Scrap Car After I Sell It?

Posted on June 27th, 2022

So, you have decided to Sell Your Scrap Car to a Car Removal Company, and have you ever wondered what happens after that. Recently, We had a client from Perth selling her beloved car which she owned for nearly 10 years for scrap. After 3 days of buying the car, we had a call from the customer asking how is the car doing? Although it’s not a surprise where some of our clients get very close to their car and they miss the vehicle when they sell it.

We Have Outlined Some Points Below

What’s The Afterlife of A Vehicle After You Sell It To A SCRAP CAR REMOVAL COMPANY

  • Your car is recycled: According to the statistics on average more than 85% of the vehicles are recycled and the metal is reused for other purposes. Recycling is the most common process followed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and pollution.
  • Car parts are reused: When the car is stripped the parts are reused for other cars. For example, at Premier Car Removal the car engines are exported and the parts are sold to the local market. The gas or fuel is reused as well as the tire and the rims.
  • Scrap Metal Export: Once the unwanted or scrap car is sold, the body and the unwanted parts are crushed and exported or supplied to the local metal industries for recycling. The most common industries that use these metals are construction, automotive, technology, food processing industry, etc.
Car Recycling Perth

Car Recycling Perth

Sell Your Scrap Car To A responsible Scrapper In Perth WA

Selling your scrap or unwanted vehicle to a responsible scrapper will help you to keep the environment clean and help reduce greenhouse gases. Keeping the country green and clean will help the environment. Let’s help our state Western Australia

Here’s How Premier Car Removal Disposes of Old Vehicles

Most of the time, disposing of your waste appears very simple. So be that as it may, with regards to expressing farewell to your vehicles, you might need professional support. When deciding how to dispose of your car, you should pay special attention to the scrap car buyers you select. However, vehicles contain a variety of pollutants and chemicals that, if not treated appropriately, can harm the environment. So it’s unavoidable that you’ll need a car disposal strategy that is both convenient and environmentally beneficial. When you do, there are a few things to think about.


If repairing it will cost more than its possible resale value, it may be time to discard it. This might include anything from new panels to a new engine – whatever needs to be replaced before you can safely drive the automobile again. It’s more noticeable on automobiles that are missing a part, such as a door, but if your car is emitting smoke, you should consider sending it to the scrap yard.

Now that you’ve decided to take it to a reputable scrap yard, a part of you is unsure how to scrap it. Many people imagine scrapping entails a car being crushed by a large machine and turned into a metal cube; however, this is not the case. While some individuals believe that many cars are eventually destroyed, they do not immediately go into a car crusher as you depart.

Remember that an old and problematic car requires continual maintenance and repair despite its lack of market value. It has the potential to deplete your resources. If this is the case, selling your old junk car for scrap metal value is a great idea. Scrapping your vehicle allows the metals it’s made of to be recycled, lowering the demand for raw materials’ environmental impact. Rejecting your truck is great for the climate, sets aside your cash, and opens up space in your carport, yard, or carport.


What happens when your old, underused, or unintentionally damaged car arrives at Premier Car Removal’s scrap yard?

Almost one million cars are scrapped and destroyed every year. 

But how is it taken apart? The following is a list of the various procedures your vehicle goes through after it is delivered to our scrap yard.

What Parts Are Used And How Are They Used?

A vehicle can be recycled almost entirely, with a typical vehicle’s recycling rate topping 90%. The most typically recycled parts of a car include tyres, windshield glass, batteries, steel and iron, wheels, radiators, transmissions, rubber hoses, carpets, vehicle seats, belts, oil filters, and mats.

Around 220 million used tyres are produced, with an 80 per cent recycling rate. In constructing new roads, recycled tyres are frequently used as pavement foundations. Tile floors, glass beads, porcelain, worktops, and jewellery are all made from recycled vehicle glass.

A tonne of glass recycled can save approximately 10 gallons of oil from being used to manufacture new glass. Automobile batteries are recycled and used to make new ones. Steel and iron from trash cars are frequently used to make various items.

We went to the scrapyard of Premier Car Removal to see how over 90% of automotive components are dismantled and recycled.

Once your vehicle is brought to the destroying yard, it will be left in an open region, and the mentioned steps are being followed. It occurs when there is a long line of cars in front of it waiting to be scrapped. Some scrap yards leave vehicles on an open lot and charge others to come to pick them up and disassemble them for parts. The automobiles in our junkyards remain there until they are removed. So, what happens if individuals can’t get the pieces they want from them? The metal components of the frame and body panels will be recycled and reused in new products. Your car will be restored and sold if a few pieces are in decent condition. If your vehicle generates no profit, it will be destroyed and recycled by the scrapyard.

When you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of your car, we’ll start by removing all of its hazardous materials from our scrap yard. As you may know, cars are made up of a variety of materials. Glass, coolants, lubricants, fuel, and other materials. 

Purchasing, Transferring, and Inspecting

Premier Car Removal transports a car to the facility for a pre-scrapping check once reviewed documentation. It is deemed fit to be scrapped (no outstanding challans, fees, or taxes).

Scrap yards often remove the automotive battery as the first thing

Vehicle batteries contain lead and corrosive, which are perilous to the climate. As a result, we dispose of automobile batteries in a specified manner. The harmful chemicals in the car, such as the batteries, are depleted by Premier Car Removal. They’ll remove a car’s liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank, for example, if the model has one. Oils, Fluids, lubricants, rechargeable batteries, radio batteries, chemicals, refrigerants, and other dangerous components of a vehicle include the following.

Toxic materials have the potential to harm both people and the environment. As a result, it’s critical to properly dispose of them. 

That is the primary reason for selling your car to a licensed salvage yard like Premier Car Removal.

Other automobile parts that must be removed

The tires, which are a type of controlled waste, will be removed. 

It’s time to remove the mechanical sub-assemblies, such as the AC plumbing and power steering systems after the interior has been cleansed of parts.

Because tyres damage the environment, scrap yards do not burn them or transfer them to landfills; instead, the tyres will be shredded and reused rather than being dumped.

The number of wheels recycled at a tyre recycling cent in a scrapyard is limited. This is a well-being safeguard assuming that a fire breaks out and the tires burst into flames. However, if a recycling facility has many tyres, they might burn at extremely high temperatures for days.

The car is then placed on a scissor lift to remove the engine and transmission. Specialists dismantle the brakes, wiring outfits, and suspension parts.

If the tyres are still in good condition, Premier Car Removal’s scrap yard will remove and reuse them. The wheel and lead balancing weights of a car contain lead, a dangerous material. 

At the scrapyard, lead products must be appropriately disposed of. If a wheel, such as vehicle tyres, is still in good condition, it will be reused.

Premier Car Removal shreds, crushes, and fragments cars

Premier Car Removal’s scrap yard then moves to the crushing stage after the previous step. It’s the part of the procedure that everyone knows about.

Automobile crushers are used at Premier Car Removal, unlike in movies. Compactors are crushed vehicles, indicating that they can compress or flatten a car into a large, flat scrap metal piece.

A scrap car can be beaten into a pancake even at smaller scrap yards. A car baler or automobile press can be found at large auto-salvage yards. What’s left of the car can be flattened to make stacking and transportation more accessible.

Your car could be a scrap metal cube, much like the one in the movie. Flattened automobiles are more challenging to store and carry to a shredder plant than cubes. The shredder shreds these pancakes and cubes, which reduces them to smaller pieces. 

The shredded bits of your old car are then divided into different metals. Auto shredding companies also take care of any vehicle shredder residue left behind. It’s time to sell or scrap your old vehicle. Parting with an automobile you’ve owned for decades can feel like handing over a beloved property. However, at some time in their life, everyone must move on. Now is the time to scrap your old car.

The greater incentive is for the environment: unorganised scrap yards contribute to environmental damage and water contamination through oil leaks, spills, and improper part disposal.

With the increasing number of automobiles on our roads, it’ll only be a matter of time before aging cars become a significant problem. 

Melting and Recycling of Scrap Metal

Firstly, Crushing and shredding metals is done to lower the energy required to melt them. The metallic bits go under the melting process after getting crushed and shredded. After melting, auto recyclers can give them any shape they require.

Now, all the residual metals go for recycling more effectively. What happens next? Who knows where your old car will end up!

Metal recycling consumes far less energy than producing new metals. For example, recycling aluminium consumes 95 per cent less energy than recycling steel; therefore, scrapping your car is the most environmentally friendly option.

You may learn more about scrapping your automobile here, or contact Premier Car Removal today to get started on your vehicle’s last trip!

Premier Car Removals are adding much-needed orders to the automobile recycling process. Future government incentives and the simple, straightforward method of scrapping a car at Premier Car Removal may encourage more car owners to properly dispose of their vehicles, even if it’s just to save a few thousand rupees on their next vehicle purchase.

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