Cash For Hail Damaged Cars Perth – Sell Your Damaged Cars For Top Dollar

Posted on February 5th, 2018

We Buy Hail Damaged Cars In Perth Western Australia hailstorms can be a mere nuisance when mild, but downright dangerous when heavy. There have been many records of hailstorms sending down lumps of ice as big as one’s palm, resulting in hurt people, broken electricity lines and damaged property, such as cars and buildings. While buildings are generally repaired, cars are often be scrapped and thrown out after taking serious damage. However, car owners won’t have to worry about completely losing their investment if they ever want to scrap their cars- in fact, they may even fetch a pretty penny if they turn their cars into Premier Car Removal, as we offer cash for hail damaged cars in Perth.

What Do We Do?

Here at Premier Car Removal, we help car owners remove their hail damaged cars and pay cash for cars. It doesn’t matter how old, what model or what kind of condition the car is in, we would gladly pay for it. All car owners need to do is to send us a quote, stating their contact numbers and location they desire for the car removal, and we will send our courteous staff to pick up the vehicle at any time of convenience. A fixed price reflecting the market for used cars will be given during the quote, and, unlike some car removal companies, we will never try to bargain or lessen the price later. At the pick-up location, the car owner would be required to show proof of identification (ID or passport) and proof of car ownership. There must be clear access for towing, and the car’s number plate must be removed before the transaction can be completed. All the cars we remove will be used alternatively for recycling, reselling, or taken apart for parts, depending on the need and condition of the car.

Why Choose Us?

If one ever questions why one should choose Premier Car Removal, here are the reasons why many people choose to have their vehicles removed from us. First off, we will also ensure that the pick-up location and time is at your convenience so that you will never have to wait around for us or trouble yourselves with delivering the car to us. With various collection centres all over Perth, we are able to provide Scrap Car Removal Services at just about any corner of Australia, be it in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. In fact, just in the past month itself, more than seven hundred people have chosen to get cash for cars with us, justifying just how convenient our services are. We are also able to provide quick assistance and have been known to go from quote to pick-up in just a mere four hours. Asides from cars, we also accept requests to remove scrap motorcycles, vans, Trucks and just about any other vehicle that one would want to scrap. Besides that, we do not skimp on the scrap car prices we give to our clients. Our prices are based entirely on the market for used cars, and, as mentioned before, we will never go back on our word and try to negotiate the determined price of a car. We have been known to take in Scrap Cars for Up to $6,999. Another reason to choose Premier Car Removal is the fact that our staff are helpful and understanding of all our clients’ situations. We strive to provide top-notch services to all our clients, and this objective is reflected in our staff’s behaviours.

Hail Damaged Cars Perth

All in all, Premier Car Removal is everybody’s go-to company if there is ever want for vehicle removal services. We will purchase any car, and provide free pick-up services from a destination of your choosing. To contact us, one can always call us at (08) 6252 8500 or 0406 996 661. For more information, one can always email us at to get quick assistance.

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