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Posted on February 5th, 2018

We Buy Hail Damaged Cars In Perth Western Australia hailstorms can be a mere nuisance when mild, but downright dangerous when heavy. There have been many records of hailstorms sending down lumps of ice as big as one’s palm, resulting in hurt people, broken electricity lines, and damaged property, such as cars and buildings. While buildings are generally repaired, cars are often scrapped and thrown out after taking serious damage. However, car owners won’t have to worry about completely losing their investment if they ever want to scrap their cars- in fact, they may even fetch a pretty penny if they turn their cars into Premier Car Removal, as we offer cash for hail-damaged cars in Perth.

What Do We Do?

Here at Premier Car Removal, we help car owners remove their hail-damaged cars and pay cash for cars. It doesn’t matter how old, what model, or what kind of condition the car is in, we would gladly pay for it. All car owners need to do is send us a quote, stating their contact numbers and the location they desire for the car removal, and we will send our courteous staff to pick up the vehicle at any time of convenience. A fixed price reflecting the market for used cars will be given during the quote, and, unlike some car removal companies, we will never try to bargain or lessen the price later. At the pick-up location, the car owner would be required to show proof of identification (ID or passport) and proof of car ownership. There must be clear access for towing, and the car’s number plate must be removed before the transaction can be completed. All the cars we remove will be used alternatively for recycling, reselling, or taken apart for parts, depending on the need and condition of the car.

Why Choose Us?

If one ever questions why one should choose Premier Car Removal, here are the reasons why many people choose to have their vehicles removed from us. First off, we will also ensure that the pick-up location and time is at your convenience so that you will never have to wait around for us or trouble yourselves with delivering the car to us. With various collection centers all over Perth, we are able to provide Scrap Car Removal Services at just about any corner of Australia, be it in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth. In fact, just in the past month itself, more than seven hundred people have chosen to get cash for cars with us, justifying just how convenient our services are. We are also able to provide quick assistance and have been known to go from quote to pick-up in just a mere four hours. Aside from cars, we also accept requests to remove scrap motorcycles, vans, Trucks, and just about any other vehicle that one would want to scrap. Besides that, we do not skimp on the scrap car prices we give to our clients. Our prices are based entirely on the market for used cars, and, as mentioned before, we will never go back on our word and try to negotiate the determined price of a car. We have been known to take in Scrap Cars for Up to $6,999. Another reason to choose Premier Car Removal is the fact that our staff is helpful and understanding of all our clients’ situations. We strive to provide top-notch services to all our clients, and this objective is reflected in our staff’s behaviors.

Hail Damaged Cars Perth

Hail Damaged Cars Perth

Let’s understand the process and cost of repairing a hail-damaged car.

What Is Hail Damage?

Hailstorms are dangerous and costly phenomena. Damage caused by hail varies from small to heavy structural destruction, impacting the shape and condition of the vehicle. Hail can cause a minor dent to more severe destruction, such as a completely bent frame. Hail can also shatter windows and windshields. It can cause harm to the steel or iron beam support structure of the vehicle that holds up all the parts of the car. It means damage done to the supporting frame.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Such Hail Damaged Cars?

Repairing a hail-damaged car is an expensive endeavour. Even for tiny damage, repairs can cost hundreds of dollars. Repairing a hail-damaged vehicle requires specific tools and techniques that a trained technician must perform.

For critical hail damage, it can cost thousands of dollars. In severe cases, hail-damaged vehicle cost is equal to or more than a vehicle’s current market value. It makes it challenging to repair your beloved car.

In cases where your vehicle can be repaired, the servicing is often large-scale and will require a significant amount of time. So, you have to manage your day-to-day activity without your car until the repair work is done. You might have to pay for a rental car or borrow someone’s vehicle. It can be a major inconvenience.

The time and cost of the repairs also depend on the type of vehicle frame. There are many frame types, but the two most popular ones are the ladder frame because it is shaped like a ladder. Another one is the unibody frame, and it is one solid piece of metal. Each type of frame requires different methods to fix, and for more exotic structures, it may not be possible to get it repaired at your nearby auto mechanic.

Depending on the vehicle you have, hail damage can cost more than the vehicle’s value. A car owner may decide that it is better to sell their hail-damaged car in such a case. It will be easier to sell the vehicle to a Car Removal company quickly and without hassles.

Can You Sell Your Hail-Damaged Car?

You can Sell Your Cars For Cash, but there are several issues. Selling a vehicle with structural damage is a tricky job. Depending on the damage to the car, it may not be considered salvage. In these cases, you would need a salvage title for your vehicle. This drastically narrows down the options for selling your automobile. Many car dealers in Perth do not trade in hail-damaged cars due to the expense of repairing them and the possibility of additional problems.

Sell Your Cars For Cash to a trusted Car Removal service provider like Premier Car Removal in Perth. Such car buyers purchase vehicles for a reasonable amount. If your vehicle is entirely junk and useless, you can sell it to a scrapyard, which will often buy the scrap and melt down the auto for metal. Here, payment depends on the weight of the car. You can receive good money for heavy vehicles like trucks or buses.

When you are selling the vehicle by yourself to an individual buyer, there is the issue of liability. Many states have laws and other measures that prevent selling heavily damaged cars or non-working cars. In any case, if you want to sell your hail-damaged vehicle to someone, you are obligated to disclose all of the damage the car has. And, if anything goes unexpected, you may be held responsible even after you sell the car.


Premier Car Removal can ease that problem. If you want to know the value of a hail-damaged car? You can get a quick evaluation as soon as you contact us. We will also visit your location and tow the vehicle for free. We take full responsibility for the car when we buy it from you, making you 100% liability-free from the second you sell your vehicle to us. You can receive Cash For Cars in a single day. Contact us now via call or message us through our online form.

After a huge rainstorm, packed with hail and wreckage; a massive clean-up ought to occur! Following the effects of the rainstorm; companies will have to start to rebuild from scratch.  The same is for the motor vehicle industry.

The instant a violent storm arrives; wrecked cars need to make way so space is created for the new cars. So you wonder where the cars wrecked by a storm go.

Typically the cars are sent to the insurance providers to gauge the breakup and get compensation. Consequently, to ease the financial burden, the seller will put for auction the written-off cars – often at a reduced price.

Small breaks can typically direct to a pleasing offer on a new or semi-new car. Nonetheless, you must think of the repercussions when you purchase a vehicle that was torn in a nasty rainstorm or hail.

Too Roughly Broken To Be Repaired vs. Too High-Priced To Fix

When buying a broken car, it can belong under two categories statutory or repairable write-off

Statutory write-offs are cars that are so brutally damaged that it’s not likely to be securely fixed. Therefore will not be sanctioned to be registered! These types of cars are in general put up for sale for vehicle spare parts and scrap metal and can be a superb buy if you have a vehicle that wants extra parts. These conked-out cars can be put up for sale to Cash for Cars companies that will offer top cash for discarded cars in Perth.

Repairable write-offs are broken vehicles that you can re-register. Nonetheless, this will only become a reality after approval of the Written-Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) – besides the usual fit for the road evaluations – these tests will validate the motor vehicle is equipped for the highway.

In Perth, written-off cars that require to get the road cleared have to be endorsed by way of the Department of Transport Western Australia, to make aware to future clients the car’s history.

Many cars that have been through a ferocious storm that is set to be put for sale could just be judged as not suitable for the road; awaiting they’re fixed up safely. It’s significant to get these wrecked cars inspected well; just like you would for a new car.

Repair a damaged car

You may see a car that’s not suitable to be used on the road; as it has damage in outer parts like paint, panels or windows. Individuals are forever on the pursuit to uncover the latest vehicle brands; with the mentioned smash-up and think they can save a bag full of cash on a relatively new car.

Even so be on the alert that the price of revamping possibly goes above then you originally considered and becomes not so not-so-good bargain!

Getting the car back to its starting glory previous to the storm smashing it can be very pricey to fix and find spare parts. For that reason, the money you sought to save in purchasing the vehicle is canceled by the restoration charge.

It’s very important to perform research and assessment to discover the finest offer on fix-up, as a casual fix up will just imply that will have to pay more in the not too far away future.

Chew over over the realism that following to a massive downpour, one and all will take their damaged up cars to the garage – so, without doubt, there will be big hold-ups in obtaining the car again.

In spite of that if you are willing to drive a damaged car with little breaks and dents – knock yourself out! Only make sure you get the car appropriately checked by an able mechanic prior to shelling big bucks on it.


Selling off a damaged car hit by hail          

In certain circumstances, it’s rational to sell your damaged car rather than looking to fix it especially when it has been in the centre of a spiteful storm alongside hail. The price for revamping the car back to its former glory will not be practical as you can invest that money into getting a shiny new vehicle. Albeit the external surface of the motor vehicle gives you the impression it can be patched up with no trouble and at a low-cost; you can by no means be certain of the inner rupture due to the hail on the vehicle.

Given putting your car for sale to a car for cash or a Car Removal business will be a smart decision. Prior to that do your study and analysis and settle on on the car wrecker that presents you the brightest deal for your broken and discarded car. Taking into account the condition, the location and what the purchaser is searching for you will be offered a quote for your unwanted motor vehicle.

Premier Car Removal in Perth gives a price unequalled for wrecked cars in Perth. For additional details or a no compulsion free quote get in touch now

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