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Posted on January 21st, 2018

Whether or not car owners have to clean their fuel injectors is a common question asked. Cleaning the fuel injectors may have been recommended by your dealer or mechanic; however, unless there are typical signs of clogging such as acceleration troubles, or a rough idle, cleaning the injectors is not necessary. Premier Car Removal offers the following information.


You may be familiar with the easy injector service that some repair shops offer. With this cleaning, a solution runs through the injectors without having to dismount them from the engine. Should the injectors be severely clogged, it will be necessary for the mechanic to remove the injectors from the engine and clean them using a machine to place the injectors on to clean.

Why are my fuel injectors clogged?

Fuel injectors take the wear and tear like all parts of the car, and over time, deposits will build up, and clog the injectors. You may notice that your fuel consumption is not as efficient, and the performance of the engine is reduced.

The fuel type can play a role. There are different detergents that full must have so that varnish, carbon deposits, and other gunk does not form in the fuel system. However, you may be using a lower grade fuel that does not use an adequate amount. With this in mind, your fuel choice for your car can be a source of the problem.

With innovation and advancements, many engines are designed with a direct fuel injection that uses higher pressure, and some of the GDI systems are more prone to clogging than the old fuel injection type.

Fuel Injectors

While there may be no mention of the full injection care for your car in your owner’s manual, many manufacturers suggest that a fuel system cleaner is added to the gas tanks of cars periodically if you do not use high-quality fuel in the car, or use high-quality fuel periodically.

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