Selling Your Car To A Car Removal Company

Posted on June 1st, 2015

Any vehicle owner that is ready to upgrade their vehicle and offered a trade in value on their current vehicle from a car dealership knows that the value is hardly ever there. Not only do most vehicle owners get a low trade in value, the car dealership also tries to upsell the consumer. Many vehicle owners ready to upgrade their vehicle don’t want to hassle with selling the vehicle to a third party as there are cost and time as well as the energy involved. There is an alternative that will leave REAL cash in your hand. Premier Car Removal Perth pays instant cash on vehicles of any make, model, age and condition. When vehicle owners sell their car to us, we put up to $4999 cash in their hand.

What’s the Advantage of Selling My Car To a Car Removal Company?

There are many advantages in selling your used car to a Car Removal company. Firstly, although trading in a vehicle is convenient, trade-in values are low. Dealers want to both make a profit on your trade in the vehicle and they want to sell you a vehicle for the most they can. With trade in values on vehicles typically being half the worth of a vehicle, it is more beneficial to sell your vehicle to a Car Removal Company. Car removal companies are designed to be a quick and easy sell, offering same day car removals and paying cash on the spot.

Cash For Cars Sydney

There is also the advantage of not having to negotiate on a price for your vehicle. When you sell your car to Premier Car Removal Perth, we quote fair cash offers. Selling your vehicle to a dealer or third-party often means you go around and around trying to get the best price on your vehicle. The negotiating factor in itself is enough to not sell your vehicle to a car removal company.

How Do I Sell My Car to A Car Removal Company?

There is no stress in selling your car to a car removal company. You’ll find that most companies offer cash quotes on vehicles over the phone or online. Premier Car Removal Perth buys cars over the phone and online through our site. We buy cars, trucks, motorcycles, utes, vans, SUVs and 4WDs of any make and model and age and condition. We do require that vehicle owners provide us with a complete description of their vehicle.

Do I Have to Bring My Car to the Company?

No. When you call Premier Car Removal Perth to get a cash offer on your vehicle, you will also be offered a free car removal. We service all suburbs in Perth with free car removals. Our car specialists will schedule a same day car removal or one at a later convenient time should you accept our offer.

My Car Is No Longer Roadworthy? Will You Still Buy It?

When a car is no longer roadworthy, Premier Car Removal Perth is the ideal car removal company in Perth to call as we are also a licensed car wrecker. We Pay Instant Cash and offer free car removals on any condition of a vehicle. We do ask the vehicle owner to have the vehicle in a location that offers us clear access so that we can easily remove the vehicle.

How Do You Dispose of My Scrap Car?

We don’t actually dispose of vehicles; we recycle them. When we remove a vehicle, we recycle all the parts and metal of the vehicle so that we can offer vehicle owner optimal value on their car recycle.

How Do You Base Cash Offers?

We base our cash offers on different factors like the size, weight, make and model as well as the age and condition of the vehicle. Whatever type and condition of the vehicle you have, we will offer you a fair price.

What about the Paperwork?

When you sell your car to Premier Car Removal Perth, we bring all the necessary paperwork with us at the time we remove your vehicle.

Do I Need the Title of Ownership to My Vehicle?

Premier Car Removal Perth prefers that vehicle owners have their title of ownership; however, if you no longer have your title to your vehicle, we do have other options that may be available like accepting your vehicle’s registration. We will also need to see proof of your Photo ID.

Can I Sell My Car To You Today?

Yes! We will offer you a cash offer on your vehicle simply by calling us at:

0406 996 661
(08) 6252 8500

Vehicle owners can also sell their vehicle to us by contacting us here online. We offer same-day car removals performed 24 hours a day and will bring our cash offer amount with us, so you get the cash today.

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