Selling A CAR In Perth WA Before Moving Overseas

Posted on January 6th, 2023

Are you moving overseas or are any of your friends or relatives?  What it also means is saying goodbye to friends, families, and your beloved belongings like your ever-reliable car. Selling your belongings can be a very time-consuming task, especially your car, furniture, etc.

For those who have pondered, “How to sell your car before moving overseas?” the answer is yes. 

With expert guidance, it could be far less complicated than you imagine. 

 To learn more about how working with a car buyer can streamline your selling process.


Quick and Easy Ways to Make the Most Money When Selling Your Car


Selling an unwanted or used car before going overseas doesn’t have to add to the stress of moving abroad. You will still need your car before you go, so giving yourself three weeks to find a buyer is ideal, though this will vary depending on the vehicle in question and the price at which you’re hoping to sell it. So be bold and accept less than market value for your car if you sell it before an impromptu international move; the money is needed.

How To Sell A Car If Moving Overseas

How To Sell A Car If Moving Overseas

Here Are The Steps You Must Take Before Leaving The Country

Five Essential Pieces of Advice!


  1. Lease it to a retailer, for starters!

A car dealership may be interested in purchasing your used car if certain conditions are met. Please visit a few local dealerships and ask the used car managers there how much they think it’s worth. It would be best to focus on car lots that already offer your products, such as Ford and Chevrolet dealerships. They’ll pay you and handle all the paperwork if they are interested.


You might not get top dollar if you sell your automobile this way, and the dealership won’t haggle with you. You’ll get the least money for your old car if you go this route. They could only take your old car if it’s in good shape and familiar. Keep in mind that the dealer will have all the cards.


  1. If you are doing it yourself, you can sell it for MORE or Less

The alternative is to undercut the market price and sell it independently. 

However, selling a car could be a crapshoot if there is little interest, even at a rock-bottom price. 


Con: You’ll have to wash your car, take pictures, and come up with a catchy description, all of which take time. Taking test drives with potential local purchasers could be a hassle. Selling privately can fetch more money if you know the sales tactics.


  1. Sell It To A Buddy In Confidence

A trusted friend is another viable buyer for a car before an international move. Ideally, the final purchase price would reflect the item’s actual market value. If your friend is already familiar with the vehicle, they will only need a little convincing. Even if you don’t think it needs much cleaning, it’s still courteous to have a mechanic look at it before giving it to a friend.


Con: Your friendship is at risk if something goes wrong with the sale or afterward. If your friends know you’re in a jam, they can try to take advantage of you. 

Haggling is possible; be aware of anyone offering you a deal they can’t keep or trying to set you up with a false payment plan. The transaction paperwork, which might be complicated, will also fall under your purview.


  1. To Get The Most Money For Your Car, You should consider selling To A Dealer Or SCRAP Car Buyer

Alternatively, you could sell it to a car-buying service. If you are near a car buying service with a physical site, you can drive in, evaluate your car, and get an offer. Then there are the mom-and-pop car lots that advertise everywhere you go that they will pay you top dollar for your used vehicle. Who you sell the car to depends on the condition of the car. A scrap car dealer if it is old or unwanted. If the car is a late model used then a dealer would be ideal to sell.


Cons: You will need to take pictures of your car, post them online with a detailed description, handle all necessary documentation for the sale, and arrange delivery. 


It’s essential to inspect and clean the car before finalising the deal. 

The most significant drawbacks are that they will try to undercut your prices, and those vehicle dealerships are notoriously picky.


If You Want It Removed, Number Five Is To Call Premier Car Removal!

I took my car to Premier Car Removal in Perth WA to sell it before going abroad. It helps simplify the sometimes daunting task of relocating across international borders.

Joining us will allow you to sidestep any potential “cons.” We’re not like every other car-buying business; we won’t play games with you or try to scam you out of your money.

At Premier car removal, we buy both used and scrap car removal making it easy for the sellers. Just by giving us a call with the car details we can offer a quick price over the phone or online.

After a quick inspection of your vehicle, one of our car-buying experts will offer you a very reasonable price quote for up to $9,999 and issue you a check on the spot. Even if you are in a negative equity position, we will still examine your loan application.

We will also handle additional required paperwork. Premier Car Removal Perth doesn’t try to get you to pay less than you should, but we value your time and money. 


Call Premier Car Removal today to remove your car quickly and easily! Dial 406 996 661 or (08) 6252 8500 to reach us.


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