Haven’t Cancelled Your Vehicle License After Getting Rid of Your Car In WA?

Posted on October 16th, 2019

Canceling your Vehicle License might seem like just a minor errand to do when getting rid of your car but it’s actually very important! If you live in Western Australia, it’s important to cancel your Vehicle License as soon as possible when disposing of your unwanted car. Why?
Because you might be held responsible for anything a new driver of the vehicle does if your Vehicle License hasn’t been canceled through the proper authorities.

How To Cancel Your Vehicle License In Western Australia?

Fortunately, canceling your Vehicle License is easy: you can do so through the Department of Transport Western Australia or by calling 13 11 56. You will have to surrender your Vehicle License Plates to a local Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or Regional Agent. If you’d rather mail your registration plates, you can send them to:

Driver and Vehicle Services,
Returned Number Plates,
GPO Box R1290
Perth WA 6844

When surrendering your Vehicle License Plates, you can also apply for a Vehicle License Refund.

Vehicle License Cancellation Perth

Haven’t Cancelled Your Vehicle License After Getting Rid of Your Car

Why It’s Important to Cancel You Vehicle License When Getting Rid of Your Car

Whether you’ve disposed of your car or handed it over to a Car Wrecker, canceling your Vehicle License is a way of avoiding any complications in the unlikely case that your vehicle is driven by someone else without your knowledge or permission. Without canceling your Vehicle License, you could get fined or held responsible if:

  • A new operator is involved in an accident
  • Your car is involved in an unlawful activity
  • A new operator breaks road and traffic rules while driving your car
  • Your car gets a parking fine while used by a new operator
  • Your car is driven after being listed as ‘written-off’

It is also important to fill a notice of disposal form when selling your car to a dealer, wrecker or even a private sale

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